Mollie Katzen Week

I've been cooking and baking a ton this week, mostly from Mollie Katzen recipes. She wrote the Moosewood Cookbook and a bunch of other really great vegetarian cookbooks. We aren't vegetarian in this house but I've always loved her fresh and interesting take on vegetables and cooking in general. I started cooking from her books in high school and I still use the same books to this day.

On Sunday, I made zucchini apple muffins from this recipe. They came out pretty good. They sliced nicely and made cute sandwiches spread with some cottage cheese.

Here they are just before we put them in the oven (the muffins, not the girls. :))

Today I made Mollie's Oatmeal Maple Bread. Thanks to Google books, you can see exactly what the recipe is and looks like in the book right below! Amazing. Search for "Oatmeal Maple Bread" if you can't see it immediately below. I used silan because I didn't have maple syrup and it came out fine. (So I guess it's technically "Oatmeal Silan Bread".)

I added chocolate chips, like I do to everything. This bread is actually really bready. I thought it would be kind of "banana bread"-like (meaning more like a cake) but it had an actual bread crumb and will probably toast nicely, with some jam. Here's how it came out below.

Finally, I also made some crockpot white beans with rosemary and tomatoes. Not from Mollie, but definitely Mollie-inspired. I used this recipe but changed a few things. I used 300 ml of crushed tomatoes instead of  the two tomatoes peeled and seeded. I skipped the onions and cloves since I didn't have any cloves and just used two chopped onions. I added a sheet of torn up nori (seaweed sheets for sushi). It doesn't taste fishy at all, just adds some depth and added protein. It needs  a lot of salt and pepper (I think my palette might be busted from using too much soup mix over the years though.) It took about 5 hours in the crock pot but made a really yummy and filling supper for a cold winter's night.

B'teavon to us all!


Leora said...

I'm a big Mollie Katzen fan! We use the muffin recipe from Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant - which isn't a Mollie Katzen book, but her style and ex-buddies. Love your little GoogleBooks insertion for the bread.

Robin said...

Yum! We're big Mollie Katzen fans too - Moosewood and Moosewood-style are real favorites around our house as well. We've got a number of her cookbooks and even after using them often for decades still find new inspiration in their pages. (Leora, I've got that same MW Restaurant one as well - I don't think I've ever tried the muffins, thanks for the heads up.)

tanya said...

wow Abbi...kol hakavod! Did the kids eat any of it??? The silan bread sounds delish! and ii like the idea of the muffin "sandwiches"

Commenter Abbi said...

Leora- Thanks for the heads up, I just saw "Moosewood" and assumed it was her. Yes, the muffin recipe is her style but minus all the fat she has in the original Moosewood! (these muffins are fat free).

Robin- yes, I continue to find new inspiration from flipping through the pages. I love her dips in the Enchanted Broccoli Forest- great for Shabbat Salatim!

Tanya- Thanks! Avital and Eli loved the muffins, Eli liked the bread. Tehila tasted, but didn't really care for the for either. Haven't attempted the beans yet, Avital actually might like them, she's partial to baked beans. Maybe I'll throw in a few hot dogs to tempt them! For a grown up taste, the beans were great. I really recommend them.

mother in israel said...

Thanks for sharing those recipes. I must get a pareve crckpot, once I find a place to put it. And there's some confusion regarding the onions and cloves.

Commenter Abbi said...

According to the original recipe, you were supposed to stick the cloves in an onion, like a pomander, and i guess remove it when the beans are done cooking.

Yes, pareve crockpot would be nice for beans. But they went really nicely as a side for roasted chicken today. :)

Beth Shepard said...

If you like Mollie Katzen, check out her new video website at
Hope you enjoy it!

Hasya Ya'ara said...


I love Mollie Katzen's cookbooks. Actually, I just read an article that she is now starting to eat meat. Interesting!

By the way, your blog looks truly lovely.

Hasya Ya'ara

Commenter Abbi said...

Thanks Hasya. That's very interesting that she's starting to eat meat now. I eat way less meat now than I did growing up, and I feel much better for it.

I'm glad you stopped by! Shabbat shalom

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