Yom Kef Was Ke-ef

Yesterday we had a Yom Kef at work (Fun Day). I think American companies only do these types of things on Memorial Day, July 4 or Labor Day or any spring/summer Sunday. Since none of these holidays exist in Israel and there are no Sundays, per se, any day can be turned into Fun Day! (This one just happened to fall on Sunday, since, actually, our company is tied to schedule of US stock markets).

Last Yom Kef wasn't so kef for us. It involved a "Laughing Yoga" seminar. Now, I happen to love a good yoga class. This wasn't one of them. So many of us were a little wary of what was in store for us, since it was supposed to be a "surprise". Ug. I was dreading paintball. My heart sunk when we turned into our destination and the signed announced that this lovely activity was one of the place's offerings.

Turned out, no paintball. We were divided into teams (girls/boys/mixed) and sent on a kind of treasure hunt that involved completing Survivor-type challenges. You had to collect "diamonds" from each successfully performed challenge and the winner with the most diamonds got to open the "treasure chest" at the end of the 2 hours.

Since additional points were give for ruach, I broke out all my old nonsensical camp cheers ("Save your toilet paper cause we're gonna wipe you out!!!" ??) which put us over the top and clinched us the prize- chilled champagne, served with watermelon; NICE! We kindly shared with the losers.

Then we continued on to Binyamina winery for wine tasting, a tour and dinner. We all got nice and sloshed (a discussion of beet recipes at dinner turned into a giggle-fest) and the food was delish.

The best part of the day- this was my first afternoon off from the kids in a very very long time. Mazal, our trusty rent-a-Savta, picked them all up from gan and the bus stop, took them to the park, did homework, fed them dinner and put them to bed. I came home at 8:30 to a house of sleeping kids! It cost a pretty penny (it was seven hours of babysitting) but it was well worth it.

Much kef was had by all.


RR said...

Glad it was kef. :-) My husband's company had one a few weeks ago- one of the activities was that everyone helped cook all the food, and my husband brought home some leftovers- the best was the sirloin steaks, which is a real treat for us (they were still awesomely delicious when heated up in the microwave), grilled chicken, and brownies. Good times!

Commenter Abbi said...

That sounds yummy and, yes, I'm sure good steak tastes good even nuked later.

Thanks for the response about the Beit Berl pool. We actually found a good pool in Herziliya at the Gal Yam Kibbutz, right near Park Herzilya.

Melissa said...

I just stumbled upon your blog.

I must say that I love reading your posts. I have a blog named Sunbonnet Cottage, however, I keep thinking I should change it to a Jewish blog. I write about being Jewish and my home (which is called Sunbonnet Cottage).


Commenter Abbi said...

Welcome Melissa and thanks for the compliment. I enjoy writing my posts whenever I get a chance.

I haven't checked your blog yet, but Sunbonnet Cottage is a sweet name for a blog and a home. I'm kind of a free form blogger, so I think you should blog about whatever is important to you and leave it to others to "categorize" it. If you'd like to be more a part of the Jewish blogging community, check out some of the blogs in my reading list. Shana tova!

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