Best and Worst Parenting Feelings

There is no better feeling than having all three kids asleep at 7:28 pm.

There is no worse feeling that having your son wake up screaming or spit food out that he really wants to eat because a nasty sore on his tonsil makes it too unbearable to swallow. And there is nothing you can do to soothe him aside from hold him and try to shove more Nurofen down his throat if it's time. Hand, foot and mouth disease sucks! Though this homeopathic spray my sister in law recommended seemed to work just now. I sprayed some after he woke up from his early bedtime and he managed to get back to sleep after a few minutes.

Another good feeling I've been having is watching my two daughters play and interact with each other. A is 6.4 in kita aleph and T is 4. They are truly best friends. When my parents were here, my mother was absolutely amazed at how they could sit on the couch for an hour, my older lying in my younger's lap and listening to younger tell embellished versions of her dreams, complete dramatic cameos from Barbie and some other dolls. They truly love each other's company, most of the time. They do fight and bicker sometimes (there was a drama about sharing a balloon in the car today) but they absolutely care deeply for each other. When A spent a Shabbat away at Savta and Zayde's alone for "quality time" they both only wanted to talk to each other on the pre and post shabbat check-in phone call. A just had to share this very important joke with T, she had no time to talk to Ima or Abba!

I don't have a sister and neither does my mother (in a way, we are each other's sister- we talk on the phone everyday and talk about everything). So it gives me even more pleasure to see how close they are, and how much they truly enjoy each other's company. It's also very convenient to have a live-in playdate.

They both love their little brother, so it will be interesting to see how they incorporate him into their play as he gets old enough. He's still in the destructive phase of play.


Robin said...

Oh Abbi, I feel for you. My daughter actually weaned herself because of hand, foot and mouth disease, it was that awful, she had over forty sores just in her mouth. A lot of people suggested goat's milk would ease the sores but she wouldn't touch the stuff, maybe you'll have better luck. I don't remember how old your son is, if he's still nursing he might take your milk in a cup even if he won't breastfeed. I wish I had more encouragement but the best I can do is "this too shall pass" - and it will. Hang in there.

On a brighter note, I love your story about how your girls play together, what a treasure for them both.

Commenter Abbi said...

Thanks for the kind words Robin- It's times like these I wish I as still nursing. I wonder if things would be different with all his eating issues if I was still nursing.

Luckily I have had experience with this from my oldest, but it's still hard. But it is a mild case, only two sores, and one is on his hand. 40 sounds horrific!

onetiredema said...

I love watching my kids play together too. I had so many misgivings about having babies less than 2 years apart, but when they're running around calling each Diego and Alicia or hug to say goodbye in the morning all that melts away.

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