Blogger Blab Fest and Odds and Ends

The blogger do-dah last night, organized by A Mother in Israel and (Aardvark in the) Israeli Kitchen,  was a blast. It was wonderful to get to know the faces behind familiar blogs and meet new bloggers. Mimi was very generous to open her home and it would have been a perfect evening if only Petach Tikveh was slightly more accessible and/or the Israeli Transportation Authority was slightly more adept at highway signage. I drove myself there with impeccable directions from my navigator hubby, but still managed to get off at the wrong exit and get lost wandering around the dark streets of the Petach Tikveh Industrial Zone with not a clue as to where I was. I did finally find my way to Mimi's and was even able to give a ride to Isramom on the way back so she could get a bus back home.

I really enjoyed hearing about Baroness Tapuzina's background and how she got her food blog going, and how Robin from Around the Island got into photography. It was also good to hear about topics and issues that people struggle with in their blogging. I really hope you will write that haircovering post, One Tired Ema.

I look forward to future meetups.

Loose Ends:

*My 17 month old, E, is insanely picky with food. I'm trying to be nonchalant about it, but it gets difficult at times, (I think more for me than him). He will happily eat sweets morning, noon and night, but has yet to agree to eat a straight piece of chicken. So far, he will deign to dine on fish sticks, chummous or jelly sandwiches, yogurt pancakes, fruit yogurts or Daniella (air whipped yogurt/white cheese thing) carrot kugel and any cake, cookie or chocolate.

Even though this is kid number 3, when you'd think I'd already by experienced enough to handle this, but I'm open to any words of encouragement or advice.

*  Hubby M is going away next week, the third week away in the last 5 weeks. The near constant travelling that seems to be part of the "startup mentality" is getting old for me. I know it's part of the deal, as it were, and we should be used to it, but it's still hard for all of us, even after 3 years.

* My daughter has way too much homework for a first grader. It's a constant stress for me. I thought I finished school already! Not fairy! (A is constantly using this "fairy" word (instead of fair). In Hebrew it turns into "זה לא הוגני".)


Robin said...

It was great meeting you last night Abbi, I'm glad you finally found your way.

My 6 year old has yet to try a piece of straight chicken, if it makes you feel any better. She was the world's most limited eater but we finally told her when she turned six she'd have to start actually trying new things, no more saying she doesn't like it sight unseen. Surprisingly, it actually seems to be working, too - she's actually willing to try new foods and has even admitted to liking a number of them.

Of course it would have been easier if this had happened three or four years ago so I'm not exactly any help, am I? I'm sure you're little one will come around a lot sooner.

tesyaa said...

I had a pediatrician who told me it was OK that my son had a "tan" diet (pasta, rice, cheerios, chicken nuggets, and cauliflower). I was so happy that someone wasn't scolding me that she became my favorite doctor. The thing is, he's almost 10 and he has not expanded his diet much (but is healthy b"h)

Leora said...

Kids really do have ingrained tastes. None of my kids are even close to being vegetarians. My youngest is a downright carnivore.

The evening sounds more and more fun with each post I read - except for the people who couldn't start the car.

way too much homework for first grader
I can so relate to that one!

mother in israel said...

Leora, I was thinking that the ones who couldn't start the car had the most fun! If not, they had the most interesting blog posts. My first grader had a worksheet last week that took her a long time. I noticed that there were three identical groups of math questions, and another three groups on the back. When I told the teacher it turned out the page was supposed to be cut in thirds, for three different children.

Commenter Abbi said...

Robin- It was great to meet you too! It's good to hear there is hope for picky eaters.

Tesyaa- i like laid back dr.s who don't make moms feel guilty for not getting all the food groups/pyramid into their kids.

Leora- I agree, kids really know what they want from a very young age.

MII: Avital's teacher wrote a note that she was missing her reading workbook- which was in her tik the whole time! I understand that it's hard for teachers to keep track of everything with all the kids, but I thought that was a bit ridiculous (and it added, of course, even more homework making up the work she didn't do in class!)

OneTiredEma said...

If you're going to be stranded, I highly recommend Robin and Baila as companions, especially if everyone involved has a cell phone. And! Now all three of us can confidently jump a car. Robin's probably got new cables by now too.

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